At TIOH Religious School, Hebrew is an integral part of our program beginning in Kindergarten.

While our emphasis is on prayer and ritual Hebrew, students are also exposed to spoken Hebrew with an innovative program called Hebrew through Movement. Our “experiential” approach allows us to concentrate on our main goals:
The Hebrew Program for the TIOH Religious School is based on the “Sound to Print” philosophy which
follows language acquisition theory. This approach assures that students have a positive experience with Hebrew throughout their Religious School education.

Instructional methods used at Religious School are:

Hebrew through Movement
 – A fun, dynamic program where the teacher gives verbal
commands to the class in Hebrew and students follow them. This is a fun and comfortable way to introduce Hebrew.

Singing and Prayer
 – Students begin learning prayers and songs through immersion, repetition and memory. Language and meaning are incorporated into lessons.

Hebrew Jewish Life Vocabulary
 – This is a process of infusing the school with everyday Hebrew
words building the development of vocabulary over time. 

While the Religious School’s concern is long term Jewish education, it is also our responsibility to assure
that children who go through our program are prepared to begin their Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring. In grades 4-6 students are divided into small groups for optimal effectiveness and student growth.